Technical Advice

Our Liquid Engineers can provide you and your fleet with innovative solutions that continue to deliver the quality that you and your business demand.

Continuously increasing productivity and improving protection are crucial if you’re to maintain a competitive edge. At the same time we appreciate that the fast developing technical innovations and ever changing legislation make it difficult for you to have state-of-the-art applications and processes in place. 

Castrol’s Liquid Engineers strive to remain on top of the technological development of lubricant-consuming processes and provide valuable expertise, while continuing to embrace innovation in order to help you further improve your processes. In addition to our cutting-edge global specialists you can also make use of Castrol’s local technology centres to provide a regional touch to our worldwide offerings.

Our team is passionate about innovation, driven by the knowledge that we make every effort to lead the way by offering budget-saving solutions while helping to improve efficiency and keep your fleet safe and secure wherever it’s headed, with every marine partnership an opportunity for us to demonstrate how our people work seamlessly across our global network to help deliver solutions at the right place at the right time and on budget. Like you, we believe that market-leading solutions can be found at consistently cost-effective prices.

Our Liquid Engineers understand how crucial it is to find partners you can trust. After all, it’s not only your staff and your growing fleet that are fuelled by reliable best-in-class solutions. You need to keep an eye on the bigger picture too. The suppliers you work with and the solutions they offer you must be developed and delivered with the greatest care for the environment. You can relax in the knowledge that we take our environmental responsibilities as seriously as you.