Four Stroke

At Castrol, we know that modern four-stroke engine designs are placing more demands on lubricants in terms of temperatures and pressures; that’s why we have developed products that can help to meet these needs.

We recognise that vessels with four-stroke engines burning heavy fuels need reliable products to help maintain engine cleanliness and control wear rates. This is crucial for extending the time between engine overhauls, and when maintenance budgets are stretched.

Our high-quality, high-performance diesel engine products are formulated to have excellent viscosity control and base-number retention to help maximise oil life and support overall reductions in engine-operating costs. 

Castrol TLX Plus incorporates advanced additive technology, proven to perform in the most adverse operating conditions. Its superior cleanliness performance can make a real impact on your operating costs by offering the potential to extend overhaul intervals.

For engines operating on distillate fuels Castrol MHP can help to keep critical engine components clean, giving you the opportunity to minimise maintenance and downtime and improve your operating efficiency. It can be used for engine and transmission systems and is approved by all major engine builders.  

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