Castrol can help in final assembly cleaning operations by providing a range of products to protect the lifespan of Aerospace parts and components.

Quality standards within the aerospace industry require the highest level of surface quality and cleanliness to avoid Foreign Object Damage (FOD) incidents.

At the same time, legislation implications and reducing health and safety concerns also urge aerospace manufacturers to continually strive to optimise their environmental footprint, and assure a safe workplace for all employees. This also includes reduction of VOC emissions of volatile solvent cleaners used in manual surface-cleaning applications, i.e. conducted in paint shops and assembly lines.

At Castrol, our Liquid Engineers have developed a comprehensive range of user-friendly and environmentally- responsible industrial cleaners and pre-saturated wipes for manufacturing process cleaning and final assembly cleaning operations, designed to help ensure accurate quality, functionality and lifespan of parts and components. 

We have also developed a range of speciality products for applications such as hydraulics, turbines, gears and greases that are approved by various major aircraft manufacturers, and made to military-grade specifications.

With best-in-class products and highly-experienced technical support, Castrol’s objective is to help you comply with new legislation and satisfy your environmental goals, without compromising overall quality and operational cost.


The following products are recommended by our Liquid Engineers for the varied needs of your operations:


Recommended product

Cleaning of all metals


Castrol’s Techniclean range allows flexibility of application method, cleaning equipment and substrate  in delivering cleaning performance or components in the manufacturing process.